Reiki Treatment in Malkajigiri

Reiki Treatment in Malkajigiri

Reiki Treatment in Malkajigiri

Reiki Treatment is a gentle hands-on healing practice that reminds your whole being how to rest deeply. It gives you permission to drop your busyness and enter into a refreshing and timeless space.

It can help with discomfort, distress, and pain. Studies using bio-feedback instruments indicate that Reiki allows for the lower heart, pulse and respiration rates, all indicators of deep relaxation.

Reiki Treatment Can Be Defined As Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.

The word Reiki is composed of two words – Rei and Ki.

  • The word Rei can be described as Higher Intelligence, Universal Wisdom, God, Source, The Infinite or any other name depending on the culture.
  • The word Ki is the non-physical life force that flows in and permeates all living things. For example – if a person’s Ki (energy) is high, then that person will generally experience good health and well-being. If the Ki is low, the person may feel out of sorts and will be more likely to get sick.

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Reiki Treatment in Malkajigiri

Reiki Treatment in Malkajigiri

What Reiki Treatment?

Effects of Reiki treatment

  • Balance Energy
  • Increases Creativity
  • Helps release emotions
  • Releases Stress
  • Works on casual level of disease
  • Amplifies energy
  • Healing Physical level & mental level
  • Increases Self awareness


  • Reduce stress
  • Promote mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Increase and maintain high energy levels throughout the day
  • Reduce sleep & rest quota
  • Prevent chronic diseases like asthma, hypertension, diabetes,
  • arthritis, , back pain, skin and eye  ailments, migraine, cancer etc.