Third Eye Opening In Hyderabad

Third Eye Opening In Hyderabad

Third Eye Opening In Hyderabad

Situated between the eyes, the brow or third eye chakra deals with intelligence and psychic power according to Hindu tradition. It is the seat of psychic vision and has been known as Ajna by Hindu practitioners for thousands of years.

Physically, it is located between the two eyebrows and is often symbolized by the symbol for the syllable OM with a petal on both sides each. The associated colors are indigo, deep blue, and sometimes violet.

Hormones are responsible for the body’s functions. They are associated with many aspects of our body which includes physical aspects and mental or emotional aspects as well. Modern day practitioners like to relate chakras with the endocrine system of the body which is responsible for the release of hormones that regulate many functions including growth and maturation, metabolism, tissue function and also mood.

Functions Of The Brow (Third Eye) Chakra

Physical Health

The third eye chakra governs the pineal gland, nose, eyes, ears and also the skeletal system. It is related to the senses of sight and hearing, and to your ability to perceive and form your own opinions about what you see and how you live.

This chakra plays an important role in making you see things clearly, not only physically, but also morally, and even intuitively.

Formation Of Dreams

The pineal gland’s main function is to secrete a hormone called melatonin which plays a role in regulating your sleep cycle, regulating growth, slowing down aging and also maintaining a stable mind. The pineal gland is light-sensitive, therefore scientists have determined that the eyes stimulate the pineal gland into releasing melatonin. Many scientists have also revealed that the earth’s electromagnetic field is responsible for stimulating the gland.


As it governs your eyes, the function of physical vision and is related to this chakra, as well as psychic and intuitive abilities.

Mental And Spiritual Health

The third eye chakra plays a role in governing alertness, as well as your ability to see things clearly and predict things, to be optimistic and visualize outcomes that you desire. This chakra is responsible for creating your realities and being able to form perceptions about reality. When this chakra is in balance, you will be able to visualize easily and your memory and ability to reason become sharp. You will trust yourself and be able to form and rely on your intuitions. You will instantly come to help someone without their request for help.

An imbalance in this chakra however, can cause you trouble in understanding reality and creating your own reality. You may rely too much on fate or luck and blame them if something wrong happens. Headaches / migraines will cause you trouble, and there will be a constant feeling of anxiousness. You will worry about social behaviors and you may also want to dominate or control others as well. All of these are signs of a blocked third eye chakra.

How To Clear Your Third Eye Chakra

In order to unblock this chakra, practice tolerance and love. Appreciate yourself for all the things that you do and practice self-love. Trying to focus your mind into thinking how much life has to offer and how good it is to you can help you get rid of many psychological and physical problems.

Meditating near large bodies of water such as an ocean or a lake can help you enhance your intuition and develop your third eye chakra. Indigo blue is associated with this chakra so visualize large pools of water if it is too difficult for you to physically get to a body of water. You can also look at the sky at night.

Help yourself with your own perception and expand your level of understanding. Allow others to understand your true nature.


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