Reiki Distance Healing in West Mattapalli

Reiki Distance Healing in West Mattapalli

Advance Class

Reiki 3A & 3B

Mastership In this class you will become a Master Teacher of Reiki. Many other teachers may have stipulations to apprentice them for a period of time before being able to become a teacher. We feel that if you are a master, you can teach. You will learn many different things from healing techniques, to work with the crystals. You will be given the information on how to teach a class, whether you wish to or not. You will be given materials, instruction, an attunement, and a certificate of mastership.

Classes are scheduled at different times of the year, on the calendar of the website, and promoted with the newsletter.. Payment is made either ahead of time or at class time, credit cards are accepted. Reiki is an amazing journey of healing and self-discovery, we hope you feel just as empowered by it as we do!

Reiki III & IV

For those who wish to go deeper, class 3 &4 is a refined and intensive, advanced program designed.

The program combines the dynamic of higher level connection& teaching reiki techniques, Distance Healing Techniques , set of powerful, purifying practices to enhance the flow of one’s vital energy in, an effortless process of conscious non-doing. Together, these practices stimulate the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks and lead to a deep sense of inner wellbeing.

The offerings, these techniques are purely based on REIKI science, and thus are suitable for anyone, regardless of one’s religion, ethnicity, social background, age, or gender.

This program is open to those who have been initiated into REIKI level 1 & 2

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