Reiki Treatment

Effects of Reiki treatment

Balance Energy

Increases Creativity

Helps release emotions

Releases Stress

Works on casual level of disease

Amplifies energy

Healing Physical level & mental level

Increases Self awareness


    Reduce stress

    Promote mental clarity and emotional balance

    Increase and maintain high energy levels throughout the day

    Reduce sleep & rest quota

    Prevent chronic diseases like asthma, hypertension, diabetes,

  arthritis, , back pain, skin and eye ailments, migraine, cancer etc……..


    Increase ability to handle stressful situations

    Enhance focus, concentration & memory

    Raise productivity and efficiency

    Improve communication & relation ship with each & everything’s


    Establish a positive & open approach towards life

    Evaluate personal values and life goals

    Generate peace with in & with externally

    Live & let live experience in each time

Reiki Features

Very simple to learn.  One becomes a qualified Reiki Therapist in just one or two days.

Reiki flows wherever required it is holistic healing systems. Hence, irrespective of diseases treatment is the same of any diagnosis

Reiki operates on faith – belief systems beyond thoughts feelings & religious. One of the greatest benefits of is the possibility of self-treatment.

Animate and Inanimate:

Reiki can be made available to human begins, animals tress plants and Non-living things. If we are to experience wellbeing in the real sense, we need to be at harmony with the living as well as non-living things around us.

Energy Exchange: There is to be an exchange of energy { FEES} for the therapist time it is not right to keep a master { person} fee indebted for services rendered

How Reiki Works

Reiki works on the aura level, physical level and emotional level and is thus a holistic healing systems

Energy and balancing of chakras:

Chakras are the superfine energy center in our body. There are 140 major and minor chakras in our body. Reiki RE activates all these major chakras and establishes a balance between them.

an understanding of their integrity, REIKI energy  empowers people to handle the hectic pace of modern life with ease, fulfill their potential and experience life to the fullest.